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Mission Community Market Pics

My last week at the Mission Community Market for the year happened last Thursday. Please note the market still happens every Thursday, I’m just too much of a wuss to stand out in the cold all winter. Since I’ve left my office job, my new co-workers are the people I vend with out on the street. I’ve been really lucky this season to have a fellow-maker next to me each month at the market named Jen Kindell who screen prints these amazing vegetable pieces. She took a few of these photos too. Thanks Jen! Anyway, there’s been all this crazy construction going on behind of and some bright sunlight so it’s made for some good photo opportunities. Here’s what I’ve got.

One of Jen Kindell's prints. I stole this photo from her webstore.

One of Jen Kindell’s prints. I stole this photo from her webstore (which you can view by clicking this photo).

photo 3

Me at my table. Photo by Jen Kindell.

Digging up the building behind us.

A big tractor.

photo 4

Table shot. I’ve been testing out napkins and I’ve been practicing my Spanish. Photo by Jen Kindell.


Huge crane.

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