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The Heated started in 2008 when Cristina Espinosa realized that screen printed dish towels would be great merchandise for a musician. At the time, The Heated was a music project and Espinosa had no idea how to screen print. Over ten years and thousands of kitchen towels sold, music is a hobby and screen printing is a living.

Most designs reflect The Heated's home of the Bay Area, specifically, San Francisco, California. It started with Sutro Tower and people responded so well that once again, Espinosa steered the business towards what was working. The Heated's kitchen towels have been a staple in local stores for over a decade!

These kitchen towels (some call them dish towels, or even tea towels if you're feeling fancy) are useful. They make great gifts and fit in a suitcase, no problem.  The prints are high quality and all printed by hand using non-toxic water-based ink.


Some people have called these dish towels eco friendly too, but really that's up to you. If you buy a tea towel and end up using it instead of paper towels, that's your business. Our business is printing and selling high quality prints that will brighten any room.

Seriously, though, you will end up using fewer paper towels. 

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