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Drying Racks

There was a time when I strung dish towels over lines that ran down the hallway and through the kitchen. You would have to duck if all the lines were full. This highly inefficient system was finally replaced by a custom-built drying rack that I designed.

rack single

Each custom drying rack holds 30 dish towels.

My woodworking skills are still emerging (that means I kind of suck but in my defense, woodworking is really hard) so the design of the drying rack left a lot of room for imperfection. Basically, if you are not so great at woodworking, you’d better be decent at designing. This past month, I built two more racks, doubling my production capacity! This means I can print 120 dishtowels at once, which, believe it or not, I need to do on a regular basis these days. Anyway, here’s the build.

rack measured

The first and possibly most important step, measuring and marking.

rack cuts

The joints get cut and then I chisel out the waste.

rack drill marks

The joints are cut and the drill holes are marked.

rack drilling

Drilling. The square is there as a visual guide for getting the angle right. I like to call that a poor man’s drill press.

rack assembly

If the glue isn’t oozing out, you didn’t use enough.

rack flush joint

Some filing and some sanding to make the joints flush.

rack not strung

Almost done but they need their strings.

rack stringing

Stringing it up.

rack all four

Four finished racks!

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