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Hello friend. My name is Cristina, I live in San Francisco, California and I am The Heated.

What is The Heated, you ask?

First off, I’m a screen printer, mainly printing dish towels (or “tea towels”, if you’re feeling fancy or if you’re from the U.K.). Secondly, I’m a musician who has released two albums and some extras. Check out the music page for more on that. Also, sometimes I hack at wood with saws and chisels and pretend I’m a woodworker.


The Heated is about making things, plain and simple. Some people have called my dish towels eco-friendly. That’s not exactly true. If you buy a dish towel and make a conscious decision to use it instead of a paper towel, that’s your business. My business is selling quality dish towels to make your kitchen just that much lovelier.

Yes, I use non-toxic, water-based ink. Yes, I do all I can to conserve and re-use my resources (water, boxes, tape made from paper, not plastic). Yes, I use a local company to print my tags and finally, yes, I use towels made in the U.S.A. So basically, yes I’m a damn hippie and you can feel pretty good about spending your money with me. Seriously, you will use fewer paper towels, though.

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Most photos shot by Liz Daly