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Generative Art Print - copper metallic ink

Generative Art Print - copper metallic ink

This generative art screen print was created by drawing in ink, then using that art to burn a screen for screen printing. It would look amazing on your wall and it's hard to imagine growing tired of examining the way this mesmerizing, almost kinetic copper wall art seems to change depending on the viewer's perspective and the light in the room. All of The Heated's screen prints are high quality, highly original. This wall art was printed by hand with metallic copper ink. 


Check out a video that shows how this artwork was created here:


size: 11" x 14" 
info: screenprinted with copper ink, lightfast, metallic, water-based
paper: Saturated black, smooth matte finish, acid free, lignen free, 100 lb. cardstock
Print will ship flat, packaged between two sheets of cardboard.
Most orders ship out the next business day.


The op art artist (Cristina Espinosa) started with the outline of the shape, tracing the inside line of the shape one after the other, around and around. This was not digitally created but plotted by hand, so to speak. The human machine. This unique line drawing technique creates the optical illusion that the shape moves, giving it a depth that is rare to find with such simple lines. The organic shape along with the shimmering copper ink make this a unique and beautiful art piece that some have described as stunning. Creating this art took patience and it took forever. There's a fractal quality to it, a sense that this organic shape would make just as much sense if it were only a millimeter wide or miles wide. 


The Heated recommends this art not be displayed/stored in direct sunlight. Frame not included.

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