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What Dish Towels Can Do

It amazes me how often I end up using dish towels around the house. So, what’s happening in this image?

This dish towel is draining some fried stuff. Sometimes I end up with towels that I just can’t sell. If you’ve been to a craft fair where I’m vending you know that I have a bargain bin of towels with minor imperfections. Well, sometimes the towel imperfections are major, not minor and those get pulled out of stock and put into test-print land.

I cut some of the test-print towels in half and sewed a seam into the unfinished edges. I sew seams that you can drive a truck through because sewing is not so much my thing. But this is an excellent beginner’s sewing project, I’m told. At any rate, then I use the dish towels for stuff that I would normally use a paper towel for. It’s not just all for environmental reasons either. Paper towels cost money, friends! You know I’m thrifty. Anyway, I could easily see someone doing the same thing with a dish towel that is a little too grungy to show off on the oven door anymore.

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