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A few weeks ago, I awoke at five in the morning to the familiar but dreaded sound of a mosquito buzzing around my head. Mosquitoes love me. They will bite any part of skin I leave exposed and the welts these bites leave are no joke. I’ve received bites on my eyelids that have swollen them shut! So, I’ve become a bit of an expert on mosquitoes. Once a mosquito feeds on you, they usually land nearby to process all your blood. When I heard the mosquito buzzing, I knew they were resting nearby. I woke up, turned on the lights and smacked that bug into oblivion. My wife is used to this and had already been lying there awake, waiting for me to also hear the mosquito and do my thing.

“Got it!” I exclaimed to her and she replied with something wholly unexpected when she asked me if I wanted to go on an adventure. She surmised that since we were already both awake, that we should make a thermos of coffee and go watch the sunrise from Bernal Hill and that’s just what we did. Here are the pictures I took. When we got home, I laid back down and realized that I wasn’t feeling so great. By noon, it was clear that I was sick and spent the next three days in bed with a nasty cold. Still, I wouldn’t have traded it. Sometimes you just have to watch the sun rise.

sf sunrise dark

sf sunrise hill

sf sunrise softfocus

sf sunrise plane

sf sunrise sutro
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