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Store Field Trip

I took last week off and visited my parents in Southern California. While my mom and I were on our way to the Norton Simon, we stopped at a store in San Gabriel that sells The Heated dish towels called Alexandra’s Table. You can get so much more than dish towels at Alexandra’s Table though. You can buy lunch and a few other packaged foods (salted caramel, jams and olive oil, to name a few). So, if you’re in the neighborhood, they’re located at 413 South Mission Street, San Gabriel, California 91776.


Cute little shopping center. I love the Mission style.


I love the little display they made for my dish towels!


Here’s the menu of the day. Yes, please!


Other delicious stuff you can get.


Also, you should note that they received an “A” grade. Los Angelenos know what I’m talking about.

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