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Sign Painting Workshop

A few weeks ago, I took a sign painting workshop at New Bohemia Signs. I’m always looking to expand my repertoire and sign painting seems really closely related to screen printing to me. I could easily paint on transparencies and use them to burn screens. Or, at least, I can, once my letters look up to snuff. So far, my straight lines are improving but I need a few pages of practice curves. Man, those curves are hard. I ordered a few smaller brushes that arrived this week so I guess I’m invested now. Anyway, here are a few pics of what I’ve been up to.


My finished sign from the workshop. We spent the first day practicing lettering and the second day working on layout and actual production.


Some practice. Based on a drugstore sign in the Inner Sunset.


My practice set-up involves refrigerator magnets and a homemade maul stick and palette.


Some more practice letters.

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