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The day before the holiday Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco this year, I found myself awake at four thirty in the morning, filled with anxiety. I’d really wanted to get some signs painted before the show but was worried that I wouldn’t finish in time. Things snowballed and what was originally some stress about signs turned into a full-on freak-out about the direction my life was taking. My wife was already awake (she’s a florist and often rises at these un-Godly hours to go buy flowers) and talked me off the ledge. She brought my coffee, dried my tears and got me up and going. Support is important. So damn important. By noon, I had finished and all was well with the world again. Here’s the process I went though to make these suckers.


I had already glued the blank signs together the day before my freak-out, so at least I wasn’t starting from scratch.


I had also painted them flat gray the day before as well. Note the lettering in the background. That became my stencil.


I transferred the stencil and some guidelines onto the blank signs and started lettering. This is a casual font and I used One-Shot.


This was the largest of the three signs I made so it was the one I was most stressed about.


Here it is. A complete sign. I shadowed “The Heated” but left the rest of the lettering as is.


I did fancy the big sign up a tiny bit more with a little crown detail instead of a plain dot. It’s my favorite part of the whole sign.


For the other two signs, I glued cork-board panels to the front. I used these tiny bulletin board to display pricing and other info about how rad my napkins and dishtowels are.


Here’s a side view of the cork-board tiled signs.

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