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San Francisco Flavor

I recently posted this pic on my instagram of the Church Street Muni Station in San Francisco. To me, it looks like this station was built for giants! Looking at this photo, you'd think that was a red handrail made for someone 20 feet tall. There's something special about the city's public transportation. Whether it's the rumbling streetcars on Market Street or the iconic Muni buses navigating the hilly terrain, these vehicles become the veins that pulse through the city, connecting neighborhoods and people from all walks of life. I love it.

A view of the staircase in the Church Street Station of San Francisco's Municipal Railway system

Muni inspired me enough to create a design dedicated to the F-Market Streetcar line, running up and down Market Street all day. The streetcars are such a charming part of San Francisco and they actually go places you want to see, like the Ferry Building and the Embarcadero. This city is more than just a backdrop; it's a constant source of inspiration.

a screenprinted image in blue of a San Francisco Muni Streetcar on a flour sack kitchen towel with wooden background

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