Research Field Trip

I went to take pictures of houses for a new design I’ve been working on (which if you follow me on Instagram, you already know about). It was late-August when I went on this field trip and the main reason I finally made it out to another neighborhood was because I was sick to death of wandering around in my own neighborhood. I needed out, so on a whim, I set out to the West Portal station and wandered around from there. It was grey and foggy. It was perfect.

This was the house I ended up using as my model for the design.

I knew this house wasn’t the one I wanted to use but I had to take a picture because c’mon look at that color coordination.

The topiary bushes out front were just what I was looking to add to my design.

The details on these houses are all a little different and I loved getting to take note of them.

That garage door, right?

#architecture #sanfrancisco #sf #westportal


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