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Printing Press Maintenance

Some screen printers who print on fabric use a spray adhesive to keep the fabric in place while they print. I tried that and found that the spray adhesive smelled terrible and made my floor sticky so I switched to a spreadable adhesive that gets reactivated when cleaned with water called “Table Tac” so that’s what I use. But at a certain point, the adhesive gets too gunked up to keep getting sticky so about once a year I clean it all off and re-apply.

Close up of printing press before cleaning.

Close up of printing press before cleaning.

first scrape press

The first scrape after applying solvent.

hardware from press

The hardware is removed, cleaned, oiled and then put back on.

gunk from press

All the gunk. So satisfying. So disgusting.

clean press wide

Clean. All clean.

clean press close up

Ahhh. Much better.

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