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As a small-business owner, I wear many hats. All the office jobs I’ve worked in the past have given me the skills I need to do most tasks. Using Excel, Word, data-entry and accounting software are quite familiar to me. What’s worse is that I actually like a lot of that stuff, a rarity among the creative types. But damn it, I can’t seem to take a good product picture. So, I outsourced it to Liz Daly, a professional photographer who did a bang-up job on some product shots for me. They’re already peppered throughout my website and shop. I love them. I  especially loved opening them and dropping them into stuff without having to suffer through a few hours of Photoshop manipulation first.




Originally, I had wanted to completely overhaul my website but felt overwhelmed by the expense and the labor that goes along with that. So, I took a look through my site and realized that the bones were good, the photos were just lacking. There’s more work to do but it was far easier to bite it off in smaller chunks, rather than a complete overhaul. It’s hard to know what to do. I first thought about learning more about photography , investing in some equipment and taking them myself. But instead, I decided to get a little professional and make a smaller investment in some great photos. That’s where I’m at.

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