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My New Fancy Tray

I’m not much of a shopper. Every once in a while the urge to go look at things in stores does come over me. I usually go to a thrift store and wander around. It’s not often that I buy anything. But a few weeks ago, I was in Mission thrift and come across this metal tray and decided to use it for some lettering practice. Here are the results.

tray layout

I did my outline by hand with a special marking pencil (a Stabillo).

tray clamped

The tray is clamped to a piece of wood. Notice the wood block to protect my tray from the clamp.

tray handle detail

This handle detail is what drew me to the tray.

tray in use

Here it is in use. It’s in front of me right now with a very similar scene on it.

I get that it’s totally poncey to carry a tray with me and I don’t care. The whole idea for getting a tray came about when I decided that a water glass was going to be my new accessory. I’d realized that back when I used to go to work in an office, I would stop for water when I got bored which was all the time. When I switched to working at home, I kind of forgot about water for a while. Well, not anymore thanks to my prim and proper tray.

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