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Muni Field Trip

I’m in the last stages of releasing a new design (it will be released in late March) and it’s going to be the F Market train. Designing for a dish towel means that I need a strong image that can fit onto the front third panel of the fabric because that’s how everyone hangs their dish towels, right? So I need some specific stuff and it meant I needed to get out there and take some pictures of trains. I went out on two separate occasions and here’s what I got.


This is the image I ended up using as my model for the design. This was taken on 17th Street, at the beginning of the line near the plaza. I realized I needed to go to a place where the trains were standing still so I could have some time to frame it properly.


Some street art I saw on my way to the Castro to photograph the trains.


Train butt. This one was taken downtown.


My original idea was to get the Ferry Building in this design (see it behind the traffic signal?) but that didn’t end up happening.


Long shadows on the day my wife and I tried to get some F Market shots near the Castro.


F Market train downtown.

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