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Ludwig 1965 Drum Kit – After

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been restoring a drum kit. Here are the results.

full kit right

The finish is black diamond pearl.

full kit left

Of course I added a Sutro Tower print to the bass drum. Who doesn’t want custom stuff?

shiny snare

The cleaned up snare drum and its original stand. Cleaned up like a dream.


The rack tom arm before its bath in dishwashing liquid and Bar Keeper’s Friend.

arm after

The rack tom arm after its bath in dishwashing liquid and Bar Keeper’s Friend.

pieces bar keeper

Everything came off and got a bath. Keeping everything labeled clearly was a must.

snare before

Here’s the snare mechanism before.

snare after

Here it is after.

lugs comparison

Here are two lugs, the before on the left and the after on the right. I used Flitz metal polish on all the lugs. They’re still a little pitted and there’s still some chipped paint on this old kit but I think it’s ok to show that it’s not perfect. It’s been played too much to be perfect.

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