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Head In A Hole

Some very good friends got married over the weekend and they asked me to create a “face in the hole” board for their reception. They’re pretty rad so of course, I agreed. I’ve never made something this big before but I think I figured it out pretty well. Plus, I got to harass some of my neighbors by asking if they could come over and stick their heads in a hole for me. Here’s the process all laid out.


I cut out face holes and then prepped the board with a few coats of primer.


I sketched the design onto a paper stencil.


I cut out the stencil and traced where the elements needed to go then started painting.


This ended up being the color of the elephant. Custom all the way.


I wanted to make sure the face holes weren’t scratchy so I lined them with tape.


The finished prop. The trees, hair and shirts are all paper cut-outs while everything else is painted on. The only problem is that I forgot to take my own picture in it at the wedding!

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