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F Market Design Is Here

I’m so pleased to announce that the F Market design I’ve been working on is ready to go! I decided to go with one color for this design and electric blue was the overwhelming favorite during the testing phase. Here are some images:

fmarket both square

click image for closer view

fmarket med square

click image for closer view

fmarket close square

click image for closer view

fmarket shop button click to shoo online 2014

Clicking this photo will take you to my Etsy shop.

It took a while for me to learn to love the F Market line, which is part of San Francisco’s Market Street Railway program, which takes vintage streetcars from around the world and uses them as part of a line that runs down Market Street and hits a lot of the city’s most populated tourist attractions. They’re pretty but the ride is a bit slow. I used to walk a bit further to catch the underground trains downtown, instead of the F Market line. But two years ago, I sprained my ankle so badly that I was off my feet for a few weeks and had trouble making it all the way to the underground station. The F Market stop was a lot closer. It only took a few rides for me to realize that these classic streetcars are the quintessential San Francisco ride. My ankle is doing a lot better but I’ve found that the F Market is now my line of choice to get downtown.

The streetcars themselves are beautiful. They are touted as “Museums in Motion” and I must say that this is 90% of their charm. There are a ton of tourists on this line, which is great because tourism is our biggest industry. Things get weird though, because this line also serves the Civic Center area so there’s always a moment where tourists seem to get a bit nervous that they’ve boarded the wrong line when the destitute and the homeless board the streetcar. Public transportation is just that though, intended for the public. We all ride together, no matter our destination.

One last note, the car I used is actually orange and cream in real life and came from Cleveland, Ohio. More here:

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