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Preview of Another Tray

After my fancy tray came out so well, I decided to give another tray a shot. Truth be told, I hate the way this tray came out. Hate it. You can’t see it in the pictures but the paint (One-Shot) is way too shiny. Also, you can see every brush stroke. It’s a mess and did I mention I hate it? But there are additives I can buy to make it less shiny and reduce visible brush strokes so while this particular project was not a success, it was a necessary step on what I hope is the way to success. Here is the process/results.

tray outline

I drew the outline by hand.

tray stencil

I copied the hand-drawn ampersand by laying a transparency over the tray, then copying onto the transparency. Then I used transfer paper under the transparency to copy it to paper.

tray finished

Here’s the result. Shoddy lines, shiny paint, hand print in the paint, brush strokes abound. I’m not pleased with the results yet.

Choosing an ampersand for this tray is a bit of an “is that all there is?” type of joke. You’ve got the tray, you’ve got the things to put on the tray, and then what?

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