California Poppy Dish Towel

Here is my brand new California Poppy Design. I’m so happy with this little orange flower and I’m happy that it passed the testing stage, which means that I’m not the only one who likes it.

This was my original concept for my new California Poppy Dish Towel. I was using scratchboard for the first time but realized the design was stronger with just the poppy when I got to the editing stage.

My scratchboard drawing used a photo from the internet as a model but I like for my designs to be mine, all mine. I spied these beauties as I passed the California Academy of Sciences. Do you see my muse?


There. The leaf curl, the sway. That’s the one.

This was my pencil sketch

Then I did a pen version. You can see I hadn’t decided whether to fill the stems in or not. Also, I re-did just the front of the flower by cutting out a blank piece of paper that size and trying again.

Here’s the screen I created from my drawing. After this, all there was to do was print it.

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