Hello friends. My name is Cristina Espinosa and I am the primary designer and screenprinter for The Heated.

screen printer cristina espinosa in a san francisco california apartment


The Heated is about making things, plain and simple, mostly screenprinted dish towels (or “tea towels”, if you’re feeling fancy or if you’re from the U.K.). Some people have called my screen printed dish towels eco-friendly. That’s not exactly true. If you buy a dish towel and make a conscious decision to use it instead of a paper towel, that’s your business. My business is selling quality dish towels to make your kitchen just that much lovelier.

Yes, I use non-toxic, water-based ink. Yes, I do all I can to conserve and re-use my resources (water, boxes, tape made from paper, not plastic). I use a local company to print my tags and of course I use towels made in the U.S.A. So basically, yes I’m amazing and you can feel pretty good about spending your money with me. Seriously, you will use fewer paper towels, though.

Do you have more questions? You can email me at info@theheated.com